Ebola Centerstage as The Grim Reaper


ebola-grim-reaper-concept-skulls-43528814By now, we are all well versed on the 2014 Ebola epidemic, which is the largest in history affecting multiple countries in West Africa. Although the risk of an Ebola outbreak in the United States is very low, CDC and partners are taking precautions to prevent this from happening. One travel-associated case was diagnosed in the United States on September 30, 2014. On October 12, 2014, a healthcare worker at Texas Presbyterian Hospital who provided care for the index patient has tested positive for Ebola. CDC confirms that the healthcare worker is positive for Ebola. Ebola strikes fear for many, yet there are several combative solutions to keeping the disease under control.

Guest Associates Inc. joined marketing efforts with American Green Technology (AGT) launching its Health Risk Management System (HRMS) product for the healthcare industry. The HMRS is an energy efficient light fixture with an UVC/ Air circulation system clinically proven to destroy pathogens that cause infections. This unique product with no comparable alternative in the marketplace, translates into tremendous opportunity for GAI, AGT & potential distribution partners globally.

The problem is that healthcare associated infections are infections acquired by patients, staff and visitors in healthcare facilities that result from contact with individuals, contaminated air and/or surfaces. HRMS works in four hierarchies of defense when fighting HAI’s: pressure, filtration, purification and dilution. Airborne pathogens are drawn into the HRMS through a discreet vent opening on the face of the fixture. A replaceable MERV6 filter sits just inside the vent opening and captures larger particles such as dust. A set of fans create room-level differential pressure to continuously draw air into the fixture. Air is then channeled through a set of baffles to properly guide pathogens through the UVC chamber for disinfection. The specialized Ultraviolet lamp, operating at 253.7 nanometers, eliminates 99% of pathogens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Disinfected air is pushed through a second baffle to be properly channeled back into the room. A 30 degree angle on the blades of the exit vent disperses clean air evenly throughout the room for proper circulation. Seven silent steps to cleaning a critical care area such as ER waiting rooms, Intensive care rooms, Cancer Centers and Burn units. HRMS can be installed anywhere there are susceptible people to save lives as well as money.

Tested by renowned Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc., the results are proven. MRSA was eliminated to 99.7% after the first hour, Serratia was eliminated to 100%, Staphylococcus Aureus was eliminated to 99.9% and the list goes on. There are 44 pathogens the HMRS unit is proven to eliminate.

Ebola is obviously a serious and deadly disease, and our nation’s #1 priority is stopping it. We believe HRMS will fight against Ebola and other infectious diseases and bacteria; thus, making our world a cleaner & safer environment to live in. GAI is marketing this innovative patented product because it works,is affordable and will save lives across the world! These units costs peanuts compared to the cost of infectious diseases.

For more information and specifics to HRMS, how to purchase or explore becoming a distributor, contact Mike Guest/ CEO of Guest Associates Inc. @ 205-936-3140.




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