Founded in 1977, Guest Associates
has been the go-to expert
for aviation, aerospace and
defense products and services
companies looking to do
business with the government
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Government and military contracting can take your
business to the next level. However the process
can be rife with complicated RFPs, negotiations,
bidding and understood “rules,” that require an
expert’s understanding of all these ins and outs.
GAI is that expert. READ MORE >
Ready to work with the
most well-connected,
experienced team when
it comes to winning new
business contracts or
completing a successful
Strategically located
with offices around the
world to bring you
opportunities wherever
they may be.

Guest Associates Inc. has the expertise and connections needed for winning government contracts. If your business has been struggling to learn how to get a government contract, or how to get a military contract, partnering with Guest Associates Inc. will put you on the fast track to success. Over the nearly four decades we've offered our services, our clients have been awarded contracts worth millions of dollars—with an average of $70 million in contracts awarded to our clients each year. Our specialty is government contract procurement in the aerospace and aviation sectors, and we have become the industry go-to expert for defense products and services companies who want to do business with the military and government.

For many companies, military and government contracting offers a real opportunity for growth, but the process is complex and difficult for newcomers to navigate alone. With complicated negotiations, requests for proposals, bidding, and unexpressed “rules,” it's too easy for companies to fall out of the running, even when they're the most qualified for the job. These lucrative revenue streams are tightly competitive with high barriers to entry, including in-depth information analysis and evolving regulations. Having an expert guide you through the caveats is essential, and that's what GAI offers with its well-connected and experienced government contract procurement professionals. We want to help government and military officials connect with high quality businesses in hopes of winning government contracts that benefit all parties involved—your business, our government, and our country as a whole.

Our offices are strategically located around the world to monitor new opportunities and bring them to you. Aside from serving American markets, we also serve a growing European market through London and the Israeli market through Tel Aviv. The organizations who hire our clients are diverse, ranging from government agencies like the Department of Defense and NASA to commercial companies in the aerospace and aviation sectors. Our headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama, give us prominence in the aerospace industry. Our regional offices are located near major NASA and DOD installations. This proximity allows us to stay well-informed of new and upcoming contracts which we can help your company pursue.

Our services are comprehensive, and we offer unparalleled support to our client companies. From the early stages of market research and analysis to the final days of implementation, our extensive network of support will be there to help. We assist with business and strategic marketing plan development, as well as new product development and placement. Our experts can identify and negotiate merger and acquisition opportunities, providing team, subcontracting, and joint venture assistance. When you need logistics support or technical support, our teams are prepared to deliver. We even offer assistance with writing and submitting technical white papers to help bolster your company's authority in its field. This comprehensive approach to winning government contracts has been proven time and time again with a rate of success that speaks for itself.

When you're ready to take your company to the next level by entering the dynamic, rewarding world of government and military contracting, contact Guest Associates Inc. You can reach our headquarters by calling (256) 534-2487 to speak with a Guest Associates representative about your business, its goals, and what opportunities are available. Call today!