Would You say that Our Defense is Anorexic?

The Pentagon took an across the board cut in 2013, The US Navy, Marines Corps and Coast Guard’s  unequivocal  message is that the world is becoming more dangerous due to budget cuts. What do you say citizens of America? Are we equipped to defend our estimated 320 million people that look to our government for protection from ALL the enemies?

I often think about this sleepy nation, how we work day after day, pay our taxes and expect a return from our government. Not in money of course, but the very thing we have taken for granted is slipping into the anorexic state while few notice. It’s the new skinny diet- the Obama defense budget has cut our waistline from a size 12 to a tiny size 6 in about 6 years!

A deeply divided Congress is trying to reconcile the conflicting agendas in order to buff up our defense. The Obama administration is proposing a federal budget for 2016 that exceeds legally mandated limits on discretionary spending by $74 billion, of which $35 billion is for defense. If the Pentagon complies with the legally mandated spending caps, the Navy has said the fleet could shrink to 260 ships. The Marine Corps would drop to 175,000 troops, down from a 2012 peak of 202,000. Already the current fleet of 275 ships is argued insufficient to maintain a global posture.

The threats to national and international security are more complex and demanding. There’s the Islamic State, the rise of China, Russian aggression, saber rattling from North Korea and Iran and increasingly sophisticated cyber – attacks. As Americans, we should vote our priorities in place and our national defense MUST lead!

So the question is, are we “war fighting” ready or just too darn skinny?